Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Imaginary Play: Driving a Truck

I found the coolest book at the library this week. It was funny Jacob randomly pulled it off of the shelf and I saw the title so read through it. It is a great little book! It is called, "In the Driver's Seat" by Max Haynes. The story takes place with the reader behind the wheel. It tells you where you are going and which way to turn. I pulled out our Wii steering wheels and our imaginations!
I put the book on a chair and we each grabbed a steering wheel. Jake grabbed his stool to sit on a revved up his engine. He made it clear that he was driving a truck even though the book showed us a car. He was very animated while turning and racing through the pages. It could not have been more fun for either of us! 

The picture quality is not good because he was moving so much while driving his truck but you can see how much fun he is having! Check your library for this book and have a great time using your imagination!


  1. What a good little driver! We just did a project with trucks and cars

  2. Thanks for the book suggestion! Isn't imagination play great? Thank you for linking up on The Sunday SHowcase.


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