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Getting Started

Ihave decided that I want to start 'working' with my son on a more formal basis for a toddler- Structured Play. I do not want him to notice that this is going on but I want to know that we are focusing on skills he should be learning. 
Ok, ok..... I miss teaching!!! I taught for 9 years before being a stay-at-home mother. (Do not get me wrong, I LOVE!) I just miss teaching. I know I will go back to it someday soon but in the mean time I have these skills I might as well use them! AND share them! :) I have a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a Master degree in Curriculum Development. These degrees along with my experience should help me to put together something that will really be helpful.
In my search for 1 year old 'curriculum' I was not satisfied with what I found. So I have decided to put something together myself. This way I know it will work for us. I am NOT an expert and do not claim to be! I am using my background in child development, methods in teac…