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Bunny Foo Foo

Spring is here but you would not have known it today. We had snow flurries all day! I needed to bring a little spring into our air because the snow made me grouchy! I was singing Little Bunny Foo Foo to our baby when I remembered a cute marshmallow bunny I had seen on No Time For Flashcards. I thought it would be a fun activity for us to do to lift our moods.
I made a model then called the boys to create their own. I did draw an outline for them but they used the glue themselves. 
Our little Joey beats to his own drum. He outlined the bunny with marshmallows but did not do so with any kind of order. I love to watch them work because they are so very different. Joey does not always want to join us but he is starting to come around a little. 
 And there is Jake working right around the line in order. He worked slowly because he was very busy tasting the goods. Joey ate them too. Joey loves them and says the word marshmallows so funny! We just kept asking him to say it over and over. I …