Friday, August 19, 2011

Field Trip: Trains

 We headed out to check out a Train Exhibit at a local garden. This is not a construction theme field trip but trains are machines and what 2 year old does not love trains? It was so cute seeing him run around and chase the trains!
Just because it did not apply to our theme does not mean I couldn't make it educational! I asked questions as we watched the trains:
*What sound does the train make? What about the whistle?
*What makes the train go? (Steam engine, coal powered)
*What color is the engine?
*Which is your favorite train? Why?  etc...
The exhibit was really cool! They had about 5 trains and the tracks went through tunnels, over bridges, and through '"mountains." This provided the opportunity to ask more questions, this time about the tracks and how they were built. Here is where the construction theme comes into play.
*What was the bridge built from?
*How did the workers lay the tracks?
*What do you think was harder to build the bridge or the tunnel?   etc...
We even got to see Thomas the Tank Engine! Jake was excited about this, he does not watch the show often but has seen it. I think all the excitement was from just recognizing a train/character he knew. This is him making connections and making connections in the world will help him make connections when it comes to literacy later as he becomes a reader! 

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  1. How neat! Reminds me of a relative of mine who used to have model trains running through his back yard. It was amazing!


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