Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Showcase: Inspire Creativity-Parents Magazine

This week I am showcasing an article out of Parents Magazine instead of a website or blog. I just received the newest addition, September 2011 and read a very important article over breakfast. I wanted to share this article with anyone who does not routinely read Parents or with anyone who does and would like to share their comments on the article.
The article is titled: Inspire Creativity, Reading and math are the priorities for school, but out-of-the box thinking skills will be the key to a kid's success. By Leslie Garisto Pfaff
This article is so important! It is something that needs to be talked about, explored and facilitated!! As a former teacher I know all to well how un-creative classrooms have become. I do not blame the teachers, they work so hard to bring creativity into lessons and activities but it is very hard with the No Child Left Behind Act. Students at all levels must show proficiency with a paper and pencil and they must be prepared to do so! I do feel there can be a happy medium between accountability and creativity but it is NOT easy the way things are being done today and the way things are headed in schools. 

That being said I believe in power of public education and the teachers in public schools. My son will go to school, so my job is to facilitate this creativity at home.

The article suggests inspiring creativity at home by; picking a balanced preschool, helping kids brainstorm solutions to problems, clicking "off", provide low tech toys, get into nature, and nurture passions. None of these concepts are new! None of these concepts are out of touch! Yet they can provide so much to our young ones. In today's world I feel the most important topic is Clicking "Off"! Kids spend way too much time watching TV and in turn being entertained! They do not know how to entertain themselves! The saddest observation I made as a teacher was kids that did not know how to play at recess time! They could not use their imagination, think of games to play or get along with each other. I made sure I facilitated this by playing with them and suggesting games then helping them work through the details without getting into confrontations but many teachers do NOT do this, it really isn't their job. Why shouldn't a second grade students know how to play? Most of you reading this are parents. As parents it is our job to teach play. We must get down on the floor with our children and model play, cooperation and the use of our imagination. Doing this at a young age will aid them for the rest of their lives.

Not to be on a soap box, but this article spoke to me and I thought it would speak to my readers as well! If you do not receive Parents magazine pick up September 2011 addition and read this article, then help your children find their creativity! 

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  1. Wow! So well said! I hadn't read so far into it, but creativity and out-of-the box thinking is really a life skill.


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