Monday, August 29, 2011

Apple Orchard

We headed out to the apple Orchard today! It was hot but so fun! Jake couldn't wait to be a 'worker' (farmer).
We picked up a wagon, a basket and headed out to the orchard. I showed him how to choose an apple and how to pick the apple. The apples were nice a big, for the most part, and the tree branches hung low so I really did not have to pick him up to pick!
He did a great job and did not want to stop. We had about 6 pounds of apples but that is OK because I am planning a lot of kitchen activities using the apples! 
I made sure to use important vocabulary words to reiterate the activity. I just want to make sure he remembers the process of obtaining apples; they come from trees, they must be picked from trees and it is hard work!
This is a great opportunity for real world experience! Go pick some apples!


  1. Cute pictures! We went twice last week too! I'm going this week to get Galas. Our favorite.

  2. I am JEALOUS!!!! I miss apple picking in the fall living in FL. I loved the pics - Jake looks so cute, involved and hard at work!

    Thanks for sharing on the Show Us Your Town Hop!



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