Friday, August 5, 2011

Field Trip: Agricultural Center

We headed out for a Field Trip. We went to the Agricultural Center for the first time. This trip was suppose to be a mostly outside activity but it was pouring down rain so we made the best of it by going through the museum. Museums are very hard for toddlers because of the "No Touching" rule! We were still able to have a good time checking out:

OK we had to touch a few items! 
Jake loved looking at all the items farmers used throughout the years on farms. Going right along with our Construction Theme he loves farmers, he calls them "workers" just like construction workers. He is very interested in watching all workers doing what they do. And then mimicking their actions.

We were not planning on going through the museum but the rain sent us in and we ended up having a great time! And even better than that we were able to have first hand experience with tools and tractors which made it a very educational trip! 
We will certainly head back to enjoy more of the Agricultural Center with nicer weather. Check and see if you have anything like this in your area! It is worth the trip!

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  1. I've never heard of an agricultural center! So cool. I imagine it might be like going to a farm? Thanks for linking to the Show Us your Town hop! I'm following you now,
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