Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Three Little Pigs Story Board

What better story to go with a Construction Unit than The Three Little Pigs! Please excuse my lack of creative ability. I try to make my own story board pieces to save money. They might not look great but they do the job!
I wrote a little story to have as a reference while telling the story with the story board. It is slightly modified to make it easier for a 2 year old! 
 I started the board with just the pigs and added/changed as the story progressed. I tell the stories a few times until he picks up and tells it on his own. This is a longer story so I might have to do it each day this month then have him try after me.


Jake loved the connection of the animals and building. He loves wheelbarrows so seeing the pigs with the wheelbarrows cracked him up! He helped the wolf blow the houses down and the pigs build their houses. Today he was not ready to tell the story on his own but I am hoping we will get close to that with him telling at least parts.

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