Thursday, August 25, 2011

Counting Practice: Trucks

Today we practiced counting by using trucks to count. I figured using the trucks fits our Monthly Theme but it also sparks his interest. He does not like to do activities where he is told to do something. He rather just 'play.' So by using trucks he thinks he is just playing but we can actually practice a skill.
From my teaching experience, I found that children have a hard time remember which items they have counted when counting numerous things. To combat this I have Jacob move the items as he counts them. This works great when counting trucks because we can make it that much more fun by making the engines roar! When we are counting items in a book or an item that cannot be moved I make sure he points to them. This helps him remember which he has counted and which are left to be counted. Instilling these skills early and consistently will help with number association.
I pulled out 5 trucks to count because Jake is counting to three on his own so I want to work just above his level. He wanted to add his train into the mix so we practice counting to seven! It worked great! He counted the trucks by repeating after me, moving the trucks as he counted. He listened to me once then went on and did it on his own. He needed help with 5 and 6. He cannot say four but he tries! He stayed engaged and had fun! A perfect Structured Play day!

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