Friday, August 12, 2011

Field Trip: Lane Motor Museum

We headed out for another field trip. It has been so HOT that we are venturing out to explore the town.
We hit this cute little museum in town. It is a motor museum but has mostly cars. It was pretty neat but the best part was the section set-up for kids to play with toy cars. 
They have cars for the kids to ride around in and even little gas pumps for them to pretend to filler-up! 
This is a great hands-on activity to give real-world experience!
They have the biggest car mat I have ever seen and cars and trucks to drive around on the mat. And then a little cute table with miniature cars and trucks. There was a table with coloring pages and crayons. Really I felt like they covered everything! It was a great experience especially for a toddler in a museum!
They have one car where the kids can sit in and pretend to drive. Jake enjoyed this and did not want to get out! :) 


  1. Looks like fun! Where is this? Found you off the blog hop!

  2. I love the gas pump! How cool is that? Thanks for linking up with us at the Show Us your Town Hop and for posting the button!

  3. Stopping by with Show Us Your Town Hop
    New follower
    I know my son would spend hours there!!!


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