Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Construction Coloring Pages

Today we started our activity with this book, A Day in the Life of a Builder. I make sure to get a few non-fiction books when we checkout books from the library. There are great non-fiction children's books and they are full of important information and pictures that can keep children engaged! Jake loves non-fiction books because of all the photographs!
I like to include coloring pages every month in our Monthly Theme Plans because it is  a great practice for vocabulary, colors and motor skills. This month's coloring pages are of construction workers doing particular tasks. This provides ample opportunity to point out, discuss and color important vocabulary words.
To keep Jacob engaged in coloring I ask him, "What color should you color the digger? What color shirt is the worker wearing?" and etc. He does not love coloring but talking with him throughout the process can keep him engaged. He always wants to tell me what to color so I do color with him to keep him focused. Some days we color parts other days we color a whole page. I keep the pages in our Structured Play area to look back over or to add to on another day. 
To print the four worker coloring pages click here: Worker Coloring Pages.
To print a coloring page of a construction site click here: Construction Site Page.

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