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Play to Write- Week 3

We participating in a Wednesday Play Group called Play to Write over at Cherrios and Lattes. This is week 3- Write/Spell Your Name. 
We started this week's practice with some name tracing. Cherrios and Lattes provides the printable for some dotted letters. She suggested doing rainbow writing with this sheet. I showed Jacob but he was more interested in writing all the Jacobs. I started by modeling on the first name. Then I held his hand and we did it together. Finally I let him do the last three on his own with only my verbal prompts. 
He took this very seriously and was very proud of himself! I was surprised at how much he liked doing this activity. He has a long way to go but he did pretty well! One thing I had to repeat was not to go around the o and a more than once. He wanted to go around and around. This is an activity that I think he will want to do again!
The next activity was Missing Letter Name Practice. We started by singing a little song I sing for Jake to teach him how to spell his name.
There was a boy that Mama loved and Jacob was his name O,
J, A, C, O, B
J, A, C, O, B
J, A, C, O, B
And Jacob was his name O!
We sung the song as we completed the activity. He needed a lot of prompting but was able to complete the activity. I think he will do better next time. We will try the activity again and practice this weekly. He enjoys activities that involve his name. 
Looking better! I am proud! His Js are his favorite! 


  1. Oh my goodness! He did awesome! I love that you are sharing all the ideas! :) Big Brother loves writing his J's too! :)
    Thanks again for participating!

  2. I will do this with my granddaughter!
    We sing a similar song we sing. I point to each letter written on index cards. Next, I plan to scramble the cards and let her out them in order as she identifies each letter.
    Love this worksheet idea!! We will do this as well! She loves that we are learning to spell her name too!


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