Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Truck Memory

We played a little game of Memory or Concentration. I bought some truck stickers and stuck them on card stock paper. 
I make my own Memory games because Jacob really does not have the patience to play a whole game plus this way I control the pieces and can keep him excited about playing the game. He loves trucks so this game was right up his alley. 
This time I made 5 pairs so there would be a winner with more pairs than the other. I wanted to see how Jacob would handle this if he did not "win." As you can see above he was a great sport and clapped for me for getting the last match. Hope this lasts! My theory is to ease into it and have a great attitude myself and hopefully he will mimic my behavior. 

Concentration or Memory is an excellent game to play with your children! It is a skill builder in so many ways including; memory, patience, taking turns, matching and being a good winner/loser. Jacob was just able to start formally playing within the last few month but we did try earlier as well. The cards can be used as flashcards and identification cards if your child is not ready. 

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