Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dig, Dig Park

We are blessed, here in Nashville, to have great Parks! One of Jacob's favorite parks is one he calls, The Dig, Dig Park. It is an area in a local park that is fenced off with dirt in the middle. There are shovels, buckets, trucks and all kinds of material to use on the dirt. There is also water to create mud!

I try every month to hit at least one field trip every month. Now, of course, we go more than one place a month on outings but my idea of a Field Trip is an activity in the community that relates to our Monthly Theme. I want to make connections from our activities to the community/world. 

This particular space is the perfect place to practice construction. Jacob gets right to work when we go there. He works on digging holes, building with (wooden) bricks, and mixing with mud. No better way to learn about construction than to actually do it! Getting your hands dirty is always fun and great motor skills practice! 

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