Monday, August 13, 2012

Alphabet Truck Game

I saw this activity on a blog post over at Little Family Fun. I knew it was something we had to do. I thought Jacob would love it! So I made a version of my own.
I put my version in a file folder. I wrote the capital and lower case letters at the top and put a road and dump truck at the bottom. I then stamped 2 inch circles with a large hole punch and wrote capital and lower case letters. I chose to do the capital and lower case letters on the same color paper to help him identify the letter matches. I will change this as his skills grow. He is not a guy that likes to work on letters so I do not want to frustrate him. I pulled only the first 5 letters of the alphabet for him to work on today.
I drew a line at the bottom of each letter to help him line the letters up correctly. I told him to make sure the line was on the road and he was able to do it without difficulty. He enjoyed this activity with it limited to a few letters. If I extended it he would have lost it! I will do this daily and repeat the same letters and just add one or two to the rotation. 

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  1. Love this activity I´ll do one to my daugther in Swedish. I think this would be a great practise for her (as she have downs syndrom)


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