Thursday, August 23, 2012

Play to Write- Week 2

This week we were were asked to make a Sensory Gel Pad by our Play to Write play date over at  Cheerios and Lattes. Check out the great explanations and tutorials over there. We have already made one so we just pulled it out. Jake does not love to use it. I think he feels he needs a bit more structure to be able to write the letters with his fingers. One option might be to create the gel pad that is clear.
He does try and that is all I can ask for! Playing tic-tac-toe was a great idea. That maybe all we need to help Jake learn to like the Sensory Gel Pad! We also did some more line tracing practice. Last week Jake was less than enthusiastic about this so this week when I pulled it out I made sure all my focus was on him (sorry no pictures because of this). I did a couple pages just to give him the idea. He participated and did a great job so much so that he did not need any help. (It is all about the attitude with this dude!)
Another option for practice writing letter with fingers is the I-pad. Yes, the I-pad, I said it! There is an app that Jacob LOVES and I actually like as well! I limit his time on the I-pad but he usually wants to play around the time I am making dinner and it is a welcomed distraction. The App is called Letter School and it is great! The kids are to write the letters with their fingers but the app does more than just have them trace the letter. It is exciting with different ways to trace and even a try at writing a letter with your finger from memory. The app had Jacob when they used grass and a mower to illustrate how to write a letter! There is also fireworks, trains and other examples. They follow a TAP, TRACE, WRITE format where the kids must go through all three examples to get a Star for that letter. Check it out as another option!

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