Friday, August 26, 2011

More Shape Practice

I have written about shape practice before. I have continued to do the same activity this month because he has not shown mastery of naming shapes. He does not have much interest in naming them but he can when asked. But this month he has been doing much better! 

Today I separated all the shapes by color and pulled one out at a time saying, "Here is a yellow triangle. Where does the triangle belong?" I did this with each shape for each color. He stayed focused the entire time and placed all the shapes in the appropriate bowl.
He even repeated the name of the shape after I said them! Woo hoo! I was so excited as was he! He even made some great connections. When he put the stars in the star bowl he would say, "sky" and point up at the sky. Then he would say, "moon" and point to the circle. I love how he connected the shapes to real world examples.
After we went through and put all the shapes in the bowls. I asked him to find the triangle. He was able to point to each shape when asked. My next step is working with him to say the shape when I point to the poster. He can do this with circle and square most of the time but I am working for mastery. 

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