Monday, August 8, 2011

Pattern Puzzles- Truck Shapes

We started by reading Truck Driver Tom, by Monica Wellington. This books is super cute and a perfect introduction to today's activity. The book goes through the process of a delivery truck picking up, driving and dropping off goods.
The pictures are large and colorful. The delivery truck was on each page intermixed with other vehicles. This provides a great opportunity to ask your little one, "Where is the delivery truck?" Jake was happy to look on every page to find Tom and his delivery truck. This reiterate's vocabulary and observation skills.
I also took the opportunity to point out other vehicles, such as the crane on this page. Jacob was quick to jump in and start naming the trucks he saw. 
The Activity
This is a shape activity. The shapes are put together to create trucks, perfect for our Construction Theme plans. This is an amazing activity that I got from another blog. Toddler Approved provided the printables to make this possible.
I printed the printables and cut out the shapes. I was planning on cutting them out in foam but I did not have any on hand (thought I did). So I just cut them out of paper. I chose to only introduce two of the trucks today as to not overwhelm Jake. I did the delivery truck (going along with our story) and the crane.
I introduced the shapes and then put them in the correct spot, modeling the activity for him. He was ready to take over and did a great job placing the shapes in their spot. I tried to have him say the shapes as he placed them in their spots but he had another idea! He instead said what the shape was for the truck, ie: wheel. 
He had a little bit of trouble with the crane but was open to help. He loved this activity!! I was a little surprised just because he does not always like to do paper activities with me. He did great and even wanted to do it over and over. Next time I will bring out the other truck puzzles provided by Toddler Approved as well. Check out her blog to get the printables! Thanks Toddler Approved! 

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  1. Thanks for checking out our blog! Glad your son liked the shape puzzles :)


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