Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Imaginary Play: Bulldozer Ride

Today we have a little help from Daddy!
Jake actually created this activity on his own months ago. We, of course, have always picked him up into the air or put him on our legs or lap for horse rides. But one day while doing this he said, "no, no crane ride." He was indicating that he wanted to pretend that he was on a crane and driving or riding on the crane. 
We do crane rides, bulldozers, dump trucks and garbage trucks. It is fun for him and good imaginary play but it is a good workout for us! I make sure to ask Jake questions to engage his imagination, such as: turn the key, put it in gear, turn, dump- beep, beep, beep, etc. He loves to make the truck noises and has to have his 'worker hat ' on while on the trucks. He loves this activity so much it usually ends with us telling him that is all for now because we are tired!! 
This is a great opportunity to use the imagination, connect to our theme and get physical! 

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