Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Construction Sensory Box

Dig, Dig!
This month's sensory box was a cinch to put together. I picked up some pea rocks and pulled out the smaller trucks. I added some cones and signs as well as a cup and bowl for some pouring. 
I thought maybe we could set up some scenes but Jake did his own thing. It was great watching him enjoy the rocks and trucks. He dug holes and made mounds. I loved hearing the noises he made for the trucks. 
He did a lot of scooping and pouring. He is great at this and really enjoys it!
I am sure that we will be spending a lot of time in this bin this month!


  1. GREAT sensory box. I am always looking for these kind of great activities.

  2. awesome! When you make things like this, where do you store them?

  3. This is great, we are about to embark on a construction theme. Do you have any other construction links?

  4. I love this idea. We do the same thing in our classroom... my boys play there all day!

  5. that is an awesome sensory box! I would love playing with it so I can imagine how much fun your little guy has been having with it. Trucks, rocks, digging & pouring = FUN!

    Thanks for linking this up to the Sunday Showcase!Hope to see you link up this weekend on the Sunday Showcase. Looking forward to seeing what you have to share.



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