Monday, January 17, 2011

Learning Shapes- part 2

Learning our shapes has been going well but after seeing this post from Teach Preschool I wanted to add a little to our practice!
I started by reading this book, Shapes. As we read I pointed to the shapes and looked around the room pointing at items that were the same shape. He did not seem to really understand what I was doing so I traced the outline of the shape with my finger as I said its name. Next, I used tape to create shapes on the floor.
They are not perfect but they worked! I was rushing to get them on so I did not lose Jake's attention. I wanted to put them on the floor in front of him so he could see them and not want to sit and take them apart. I pointed at the shape cards on the wall then the at the shapes on the floor. I said their names and even hopped in them as I sang their names. Jake was not having his best day! He was watching but getting into everything else as well!
I had him put the shape memory pieces in the appropriate shape. Then I looked around the room and found different items that were the shapes we have been focusing on. I pointed out why the item was a particular shape, ie: four sides so it is a square. I tried to get him to place the items in the shape but at this point he was not cooperating at all! So I placed the items in and dramatically verbalized what I was doing. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better Structured Play day and we will have a bit more success! 
Hope your day was better!


  1. Following you from The Play Academy - I'm loving your blog and your ideas - I'm heading over to check out your printables now :) -- I SOOO want to start a Printables Linky, but don't have the traffic yet, if you're interested in cohosting one, let me know :)

  2. Stopping over from the Play Academy too! We have been working on shapes but have not done this activity yet. Thanks for sharing! Kerri

  3. I'm working on shapes with my son and love this idea. Thanks for sharing it.

    ...visiting from over at Play Academy.

  4. Thanks for sharing this with us at the Play Academy. It's great to see people visiting you from our linky - just what I hoped would happen. Always great to swap ideas with you. Cathy


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