Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hat Paiting

As stated in my last post we are spending the rest of the week focusing on painting and just painting opposed to one painting activity in a week!
We have painted mittens so today we painted a hat. I put out three paints for Jake to used. I am trying to ease him into being able to pick out paints and use the ones he choses. Usually when I allow him to chose he wants them all then after I pour them out he mixes them up and gets upset because the color changes.
He jumps right in painting! It is really quite cute because with each stroke of the brush he says, "ooooohhhhhh!" I love it! He is really good at 'seeing' the hat outline and filling it with color. After he is finished we (me) cut it out and glue it to a piece of construction paper. This allows him to see the hat painted because he does not stay in the lines while painting, obviously!

Jake did wander off while we were painting. He went over to the clothesline and took down all the pieces of outdoor clothing. He came back when I just ignored him and did not engage in what he was doing.
He is transitioning from two to one nap and it is not going smoothly. I have decided to chalk it up to that!
More painting tomorrow! :)

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