Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Snowman Felt Board

One of my goals this year is to do better with my story boards. Although I read theme books during Structured Play I decided to have a particular book to go with the story board this month. I chose How to Build a Snowman by Little Scholastic. 
We read this book then I told him we were going to build our snowman! The pieces of the snowman are identified by items glued on them; the carrot nose, the buttons and arms. I glued them on so we could focus on putting together the other pieces. I figured out that Jake did not really understand how to place items on the felt board. He was pushing them on and getting frustrated and throwing them all down. This might be the reason I have not had much success with the story boards. I modeled again and again how to do the story board as I talked him through what I was doing. 
The final product is a snowman with a hat, mittens and scarf. Jake was not able to put them together completely yet, but I am sure with repeated practice he will master this skill. And have fun doing so! 

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