Friday, January 21, 2011

Scarf Painting

We continued with our week of painting!
I put all the colors out this time and allowed him to chose. He did much better. He picked one at a time and put the color on the paper. He tried more colors but not all of them at once so I will take it as progress!
We has a couple miracles! He stayed engaged the entire time he painted and for the last two weeks that is an improvement! Also he did some finger painting which he has not liked at all! He put his fingers in the paint and then looked at me as if he were in trouble. I told him it was OK to paint with his fingers and he gave it a try! He did go back to the brush but at least he experimented with using his fingers. 
The last step was to cut out the scarf and glue it down on paper. I then hung the hat, mittens and scarf painting together on the refrigerator so we could practice their names. 

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