Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dramatic Play: Popping Popcorn

Today was too cold to head outside to play so we decided to stay in and 'play' in the kitchen.
I turned on some Bob Marley (Jake loves Reggae) and pulled the supplies together. We were given an air popcorn popper. It is more of a novelty but works great and a lot more fun than the microwave! This was Jake's first time seeing popcorn pop. He has eaten popcorn and knows he LOVES it so this was a great learning experience to see how it is made. 
He poured the kernels in and we waited. As the popcorn started popping out Jacob watched with amazement.  He then immediately started eating it! He could not wait! I warned him that it was hot (not really hot but warm) but he did not care.

I poured the butter in and let Jake shake the salt over it. Then I asked him to stir-up the popcorn! He complied but not without eating the popcorn as he stirred!

Then we ate our creation! And danced and ate some more!

Kitchen play is so important for toddlers. For one reason they love the kitchen, so many 'toys'! Another reason they should spend time in the kitchen is to learn how to use those 'toys' and how to prepare food. This is a life skill that should start young. This helps build healthy eating habits and builds the skills of sustaining yourself.  

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