Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Ever have one of those days? Ugh! Today was the worst! The last few times have been real rough! 
As I was reading to him he ran off and played with the snowman in the sensory box.

So I went over to play with the sensory box and he went over to read a book! He was clearly not interested in working with me at all! I did not take it personally but
I remembered why I taught elementary school and not preschool!!

I have decided to take a bit of a hiatus! This does not mean we are not going to have our Structured Play time but rather we will be doing it a little differently. Jake is just 17 months old now I do not want to start getting frustrated or worse have him lose interest in playing with me! I am going to put items away and pull one thing out at a time. And I am going to spend the rest of the week painting! I know he loves painting and this will hopefully spark his excitement in Structured Play time?!?!?!
Ever have one of those days?

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