Friday, January 7, 2011


Today we did some painting! I printed the mittens page from this month's Resource Document. I prepared the room with a shower curtain on the floor and a smock on him. I let him move freely while he paints so I make sure I am prepared ahead of time. I let Jake pick which paint colors he wanted to use. He filled the paper with paint and he mixed the colors of the paint too. 
After he painted for a while he asked for the Bingo Marker. He loves to paint with it because he can make 'balls' and when he uses it he says, "bang, bang!" So he used that for a little while.
After we let the paint dry I cut the mittens out. Jake obviously cannot use scissors yet, although he would love to! This would be good practice for an older child. I made sure I did this in front of him so he knew it was his painting. I then glued them on a piece of construction paper so he is able to 'see' the mittens.
We will paint a hat and scarf another day!

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