Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Learning Colors

For part of the the goal for this month I wanted to focus more on learning colors. I have had color posters up in our Structured Play area but I want to put more emphasis on learning the colors not just referencing them. I chose the three primary colors to focus on. I put the posters in a new location to reintroduce them. I have the pointer there to make practicing colors a little more exciting.
When we started this week with our new theme the posters were up and I spent a few minutes saying the colors and pointing at the posters with the pointer. Jacob quickly took over. To my surprise he pointed at blue and said, 'blue!" I could not believe that he knew how to say blue and that he knew which color was blue!! I was so shocked I decided to test him by pointing at red and saying blue. He shook his head and pointed to blue and said blue! So apparently he knows blue! He does not know red or yellow, yet. 
The next day I introduced color water bottles. I just put food coloring into the bottles and hot-glued the lids closed so that there were no accidents! I had the bottles in front of the colors and practiced saying the colors and pointing to the colors. Then I moved the bottles and dramatically placed them back in front of the posters while saying the color. Jake jumped right in and put the bottles in front of the color. He continued to move the bottles back and forth. He put them in the correct places and seemed to have a pretty easy job of it. I decided to step it up and mix the bottles up by putting them in the wrong place. Jake laughed when I did this and made the corrections. Next he placed them in the wrong place and laughed while correcting them. He finds himself quite funny! :)
I am pretty confident that he knows these three colors. The next steps are to; 1. work on saying the color words. He has blue down but needs to work on red and yellow and 2. work on pointing out these three colors in other sources ie: in books, on toys, etc.


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