Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Showcase: Preschool Corner

This week's Showcase is Preschool Corner by Home School Creations. The website is run by a mother of four who home-schools all of her children. This is a great website that provide resources for you to print. Jolanthe has a philosophy that if she goes through the effort of creating the resources she might as well share them! This is the same philosophy that inspired my blog!
Color Matching Cards
One printable that I will be using this month are these Color Matching Cards. Although Jake is not quite preschool age I can use these printables and modify them to meet his needs. For example, I will only be using red, green, yellow and blue. I will also only be introducing 3 cards of each color instead of all six. 

Under Preschool Packs, Jolanthe also has a whole transportation unit that can be downloaded. Jake would love the colorful, fun activities but is not quite ready. I will use that unit as an option next year. She has all kinds of Preschool Packs that will interest every child! She has provided extensive units with various topics. It is such a fun site and blog! Take some time today to check out all that she has to offer! 

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