Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Story Board

Freddy the Frog
This month's plans include a Story Board activity. As I have explained, our versions of Story Board activities are modified. Jacob's age and attention span are attributed to this modification. I find value in Story Boards so I continue to introduce them, I just do so in short poems or songs. 
Freddy the Frog is a short poem that tells a story.
Freddy the Frog
Freddie the Frog went to jump on a log 
And, SPLASH, he fell into the pond.
This little poem is perfect for us because it is short yet still tells a story in a sequence. Jake can repeat the poem (in his way) and tell me the story using the felt pieces. I made a pond with cattails, plants and a log. Then I made a separate frog (please do not judge my creative ability). I only had to say the poem once with the props and Jake jumped right in and took over. He enjoys making the frog hop around the pond and jump on the log and in the water. 

The Story Board is a great way to practice story telling, sequencing and vocabulary. Jacob is accomplishing these skills and even practicing large motor skills as he hops around the room just like Freddy the Frog. 

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  1. I use to love felt boards when I taught pre-K! GW & thanks for sharing it at The Sunday Showcase!


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