Friday, July 15, 2011

Stringing Beads

Guess who was able to string beads by himself? Yep, that is right Jacob has discovered another task he can do without my help! It seems this month things are really starting to click for my little guy! 
Although he has had the beads in our Structured Play area for months, he always needed my help. I would hold the string and he would put the bead. Then I would tell him to pull the string through. Whenever we worked on beading I made sure to verbalize each step very clearly. I repeated the same steps every time we practiced: "Hold the string, put the bead through the top, pull the sting through and let go, drop!" We repeated this hundreds of times through the months.
He was able to string 6 beads without my help! He was very proud of himself as was I! My little guys is growing up!
We have been working on playing with one activity at a time and putting that activity away before moving on to the next activity. Once Jake was finished beading he took all the beads off the string and placed them back in the basket. He even put the basket back on the shelf when asked to do so! These are fundamental life skills that will aid him in school, home life and someday work! 

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  1. Way to go, little guy! Beading is a consistent favorite here! Thank you for starting by the Smart Summer Challenge!


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