Sunday, July 24, 2011

In the Kitchen

We stepped in the kitchen this week to make some cookies for Daddy's birthday. Jacob loves to help me cook. He has already learned important life skills in the kitchen and is not even 2 years old. I feel it is important to involve him in food preparation so that he knows how meals are made and so that he shows interest in making them. I feel very lucky that he is such a good eater but I have to think that his involvement in the food prep is part of his love of food. 
He has a love hate relationship with baking! He loves the mixer (anything with a motor) that we use when baking but hates having to wait for the goods to bake. I allow him to add each ingredient and to help stir. He is actually a great stirrer! 
He dug right in after I showed him how to flatten the dough into round disks. He enjoyed doing this although he wasn't great at it. He did get better with practice. 
He, of course, snuck a bite. Luckily this time is was not the raw dough it was a Hershey Kiss we put inside the cookies. 
Get in the kitchen this week and make something!

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