Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday Showcase: Counting Coconuts

Welcome back to Sunday Showcase! This week I have another great blog to share with you! 

Mari-Ann hosts a wonderful blog, Counting Coconuts, to illustrate her adventures in homeschooling her toddler son. She is a certified Montessori teacher and also incorporates Waldorf Education when planning activities for her son. Although her son is quite a bit older than mine, I love her activities and can make modifications so they work for us! She is very organized and straightforward. Her blog is an amazing resource for parents working with their children at home. Please take some time to sit down and thoroughly go through it!

You will see an activity we will work on for July coming from her wonderful resources of printables.
She made these great cards that have adult and baby animals. This works out just perfectly for our Animal Theme. I will use the cards to have Jake match the adult animal to the baby animal. If you are following along with our plans  jump over to Counting Coconuts and print the pdf. 

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  1. *blushing* You're too kind! Thanks so much for sharing my blog and links with your readers! Hugs!


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