Friday, July 8, 2011

Make a Sheep

Today we read, Feeding the Sheep, and then made a sheep with cotton balls. This book goes through the process of taking care of of sheep and then processing the wool. I decided to take a piece of art of a sheep to print to have a baseline for Jake to work from and to clearly see that it was a sheep. You can print the sheep here. 
Jake loves to glue. I use the glue stick with him because it is easiest, cleanest and gives him a lot of 'work' to do. He then covered the sheep in cotton balls. I wanted to take this activity a step further so we glued the sheep to a piece of paper and made a scene. 
I opened the book to a page that we could use as inspiration and just as a reference. We talked about the picture. I pointed out the grass, the trees and the hay the sheep were eating. We then pulled out crayons and added to the picture. Jake made hay for his sheep to eat, a tree and he wanted to make the house that is also in picture. He was frustrated while making the house because it was yellow in the book and the yellow crayon did not show up so clearly. So I outlined the house and let him color it. 
I added the word Sheep to the picture and we were finished! Jake loved to feel his sheep with all the cotton balls and he is now saying SHEEP instead of baaaa (the sound a sheep makes). 

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