Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lion Mask

After reading Eric Carle's 1, 2, 3 to the Zoo, we made a lion mask. I prepared the mask before we started the activity by drawing the outline of a lion's face with a sharpie. I also cut out the eyes and mouth. I wanted to do this ahead of time because Jacob has never seen or used a mask and I wanted him to know what we were doing while we were doing it! I was able to show him the mask before we painted it and show him what we would do with the mask.
Jake painted the mask, in addition to his hand. I tried to emphasis to him to cover the whole plate with paint. We discussed the parts of the face as he was painting them. I made connections for him between the lion and his own face. ex: Paint the lions ears, do you have ears? How many ears do you have? What about the lion?
 I helped by filling in any parts of the plate that were not painted. Then we let the mask dry while we revisited some of our other Structured Play activities.
I chose not to tie string to the mask but rather just hold the mask in place over our face. I did this because I knew that Jake would not be able to be still enough to hold the mask in it's place. I also thought it might slide off and be more trouble than it is worth!  

Jake enjoyed roaring like a lion and crawling around the floor with the mask over his face. He was having such a fun time I could only get blurred pictures!  


  1. Cute! we love that book! I bet you could make a lot of different masks out of the animals in that book :)

  2. I love the cute lion mask. Looks like fun.


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