Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Creating Animals with Play-doh

Today we read, A Children's Zoo by Tana Hoban. It is a very simple, sweet book with various zoo animals. We pulled out the play-doh to make some animals from the story. 
Jake remembered just what to do; he rolled out the play-doh and pressed down- hard with the stamp and ta da! 
We went on to create a turtle, snake, shark, and I attempted a bear when Jake became frustrated with his attempt. We used the book as a reference and pointed out the features of the animals.
We took time and enjoyed playing with the other tools as well. Jake even took it upon himself to make food for his animal creations! He made sure each one had enough to eat and offered me a little too! So sweet! 
(By the way he is so sweaty because we had just come in from playing outside and YES it is HOT!)

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  1. Fun! What a great idea to show the pictures with the playdough stamps.

  2. Playdough is so much fun- all the possibilities! Thanks for sharing your idea with us on The Sunday Showcase !


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