Thursday, July 7, 2011

Animal Music

Old Mac Donald Had a Farm
As always I like to include music in our Monthly Plans. We learn through music and when practicing vocabulary there is no better way to learn words than putting them to music. We have sung Old Mac Donald practically Jake's entire life but it took on new meaning this month! 
While I sung the song Jake danced and played the drums with his pointer stick. After I sung it the first time I asked him to name the animals on the farm. He not only named the farm animals but he pulled them out of his barn.
He also made the animal sounds with me. He does not have the vocabulary to sing the entire song alone or with me but his excitement in singing along with me shows me that him singing on his own is not far off.
We have been singing the other songs in our plans and Jake bring the animals to me for those songs as well! It is very fun! He is learning through movement, music and the obvious visual and auditory. 

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  1. I think singing is so important - so many things can be taught with song from birth through school. Great post.


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