Thursday, July 21, 2011

Imaginary Play: Leap Frog

We all remember playing leap frog with friends growing up. I used to love to play leap frog with my friends and thought Jacob would too! I decided to share that fun activity with Jacob in a different form since I am 8 months pregnant and about 2,000 pounds!! Today I pulled out 3 frog toys after reading Frog and Toad.
I let Jake study the frogs and then play with them a little. He had the frogs hopping all over the room. Jake loves the fact that frogs and rabbits hop. He thinks it is just too cool! After that I put them in a row and showed him how to make them leap over one another. At this he just laughed! I let him try and he even wanted to be a frog and leap over the stuffed animals.This was so much fun!
(I am facing a problem with the camera, though. Before he never seemed to notice it and allowed me to take as many pictures as I wanted. Then he went through a phase where he wanted to take some pictures too. Now he wants that camera to get lost! I want to be able to have photographs on the blog but I will not let this hinder our play. So we will see where this phase takes us!)
The last thing we did with the frogs was to order them from smallest to largest. I started my asking him which frog was BIGGEST? Then the smallest? After that I put them in order from smallest to largest over emphasizing each size as I placed the frog in it's spot. I repeated the sizes a few times then asked him to tell me the sizes. He just stared at me and walked away. (That is my guy!) I tossed the frogs up in the air in a silly way and asked him to put them back in their places. He looked at me, looked at the frogs and went to play with his farm toy! I felt we accomplished a lot for that activity for that day and just let it go. I, again, want this to be fun time not stressed-out, pressure filled, learning time. So I let his interest level dictate how far we go! I will make sure to try again another day but not push for today! 

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  1. What a great activity for little hands! Nice way to teach order and sorting as well! Thank you for linking up with us on The Sunday Showcase


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