Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Practicing Colors

We have been practicing our colors for a while now and I have used these color cards on the wall as reference. We just focus on four colors now because he has not shown mastery of these colors. Or at least he has not shown consistency. I continue to leave out the colored water bottles (seen in lower right hand corner) to match with the color cards.
I put out this finger pointer to add some interest in the color cards. I thought that Jake would enjoy pointing at the cards and saying the names. Boy, was I right! He grabbed the pointer right away and started pointing. The surprise was that when he picked up the pointer he counted as he pointed! We have been practicing counting but I did not use the pointer to count so for him to do this was too cute and very exciting! He needs a lot more practice with counting but by him showing interest and taking initiative by himself it shows me that it will not be long!
He can now say all four colors and when asked the color he says the correct color most of the time. As soon as I think he has it he throws me for a loop. Ok, I am convinced that he messes with me! He will tell me the wrong color or point to another color when I ask him to point to a certain color. I say he is messing with me because he will do it with a smile on his face the whole time! Little stinker! 
He did this today when picking up a water bottle. After practicing saying the colors and pointing using the pointer he grabbed a water bottle and put it up to each of the other colors and looked at me with a smile while doing this. He totally skipped the correct color! Then he did the same thing with the other water bottles. Each time he skipped the correct color! He kept looking at me while he did this and smiled or laughed. He new perfectly well what he was doing! Boy, I am going to have some trouble when this little guy goes to school! :) 

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