Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Showcase: Me & Marie Learning

Me and Marie Learning
This week I am showcasing another great learning blog! I have been following Me & Marie Learning for a while now. She always has fun things going on over there! I recently took some time to look back over the site and re-found all these fun items!
I love all the baby activities that are included on the site. Now with my new baby I have to remember back to daily activities for the newbies! I think these black and white prints are great! I also printed the growth charts. It always helps to have a printable! I am using it to write all of little Joey's milestones then I can put them in his baby book all at once. 
There are a ton of activities to do with toddlers as well. I love this doctor's office pretend play set-up. How fun!! She provides inspiration as well as quite a few printables! Check out Me & Marie Learning today! 

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