Friday, January 6, 2012

Imaginary Play: Snow Day

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Today we read Amy Loves the Snow by Julia Hoban. Then decided to use imaginary play to act out the story. We had to use imaginary play especially since it was 60 degrees here today! No snow for us to play in!! In the story Amy and her Dad got dressed for the weather so we had to do the same.
I have a hat, mittens and scarf cut out of felt for both of us. I had them hanging on a string with clothes line clips. I had Jake go over and take them off (hand-eye coordination, motor skills). He gave me purple and kept pink for himself.
These were just cut out shapes but Jacob did a good job using his imagination with them. We then pretended to make a snowman. We packed the snow and formed it into a ball, rolled the balls and gave the snowman a face. All of this was done using our imaginations. Jake had no problems using his imagination and even pretended to pull a carrot out of his pocket.
After we were finished we went inside to warm up with some hot chocolate. I told Jake to hang up our hats, scarves, and mittens to dry from playing in the snow. Although he could easily take the items off of the clothesline, he had difficulty putting them back on. I had to help him with this process but he is learning.
We pretended to drink hot chocolate but I decided that we should make some real hot chocolate since Jake has never had any hot chocolate. He loved it, of course! We had a great time pretending and practicing using our imaginations! 


  1. That looks like a cute book and I keep forgetting to set up a clothes line activity for the girls, they would love it! Thank you for sharing and linking up to stART :)

    ~Michelle @ A Mommy's Adventures

  2. We no longer need to pretend here after yesterday's snowfall. Now I'll have to hang a line so my kids can hang up their actual mittens and scarves! Cute activity.


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