Tuesday, January 31, 2012


For this month I put together a file folder play pack from Home School Creations. This file folder activity set is super cute and she provides a complete set of printables! I have not used one of these for Jacob yet, (she has all sorts) because I did not think he was ready but this month we are giving it a try!
We will go through the file folder activities daily. But today I will introduce Matching! One of the activities is Shadow Matching. Jake knows about shadows and had no problem understanding the concept of matching the symbol with the shadow. 
We spread out the cards on the table. I picked up the fireman spraying water. I said what the picture was and then dramatically looked for the shadow. I pointed out what helped me see that it was the match to the fireman. He quickly picked up a symbol and found its shadow. It was quite simple for him. I had him tell me what the Fireman symbol was as he found the matches.
He lined up the matches down the center of the table. We discussed if the sun was in one location where the shadow would be and lined them up accordingly. After he was finished we counted the pairs. We did this just to add some counting practice into the activity. 

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