Thursday, January 19, 2012

First Step Patterning

We started patterning this month! I wanted to start very simply and knowing Jake I knew I had to make it a kinesthetic activity. I found this ice cube tray thingy in the $1 section of Target and thought this would be perfect. I put a row of white puff balls a row of blue then and AB pattern of blue and white.
I modeled what I wanted Jake to do "talking" through the whole process. Then had him go for it. He needed assistance. He wanted to just put puffs in random places so I had to point to the next spot for the balls. Once we got to the pattern row I pointed and said, "Blue, White" in a sing-songy voice so he could get the idea of  the pattern. I had him repeat after me. 
Jake had a little trouble and got frustrated but we pushed through and he felt great satisfaction once he was able to finish the activity alone, "All myself!!" This is an important lesson for him and me! I have decided to be a little firmer with activities. I previously have let him lead the Structured Play time but now I will be having him do a few activities everyday and in the same order. Just a little added structured. The patterning will get progressively more complex as he shows growth. 

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