Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Let's Make a Snowman!

Today we were feeling crafty! Jake wanted to make a snowman and since we STILL don't have snow (not complaining), we used a egg carton instead. 
These are our supplies and an example piece. We made these last year and Jake played with it until it crumbled! I wanted to make one as well so he could see me put it together and do what I did. This way he can practice following directions!
I had all the pieces ready to go and we just took it step by step. I stuck the arms in, he stuck the arms in. He really paid close attention and tried very hard. No rushing and no asking for help!
He even poured his own glue. As you can see he is still learning that a little goes along way! He is very independent when it comes to crafts. He doesn't want help and he wants to spend a lot of time on his projects.
We used beads instead of buttons because we didn't have any buttons. It was actually Jake's idea to use the beads! I love is out of the box thinking! Cute snowmen on a winter day without snow! Get crafty!


  1. These are so stinkin cute!! Love your idea of using the egg carton. I'm pinning this on Pinterest.


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