Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Play-Doh Snowman

Pin It Jacob loves play-doh! Who doesn't? I usually let him play with the play-doh making whatever he wants to make, just playing. Today he wanted to play with the play-doh during Structured Play time so I thought I would incorporate our Snow Theme.
I started my reading Frosty the Snowman and pulled out our stuffed Frosty to use as a model. We talked about snowmen (we haven't talked about snowmen since last winter so I didn't know how much he remembered.) He was so excited to use the new play-doh he got for Christmas.
We took some white and made balls. This is a great motor skill lesson. Rolling the doh in between hands to form a ball is very difficult for a toddler. It is also a new skill figuring out the appropriate pressure. I worked right along with him modeling how to do roll out a ball.
After we put the three balls together to form the snowman, I asked him what we should add. He wanted to make the carrot nose! (He seems to remember the snowman we made last year with a carrot nose that the dog kept stealing!) I let him do it and suggested he make eyes as well. Then he wanted to make the hat with black. He added a scarf, buttons and stick arms. 
After he made the snowman he wanted to use the play-doh to make an ice cream and a shark. Usually he just likes to make shapes using cookie cutters. I am glad that we were able to explore and make something different using our imaginations. 

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  1. I agree... who doesn't love playdough? :) He did a great job with his snowman.



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