Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Building an Igloo

Have you had a delivery lately? I have had this box full of peanuts sitting around. I hate just throwing out all these peanuts. I have been trying to figure out something to do with them, with no luck. Until today!
Jacob loves building. I am always looking for ways to incorporate tools, building or trucks into our Structured Play activities. Today it came to me! We read a story that included an igloo and spent some time talking about igloos. I thought we could make an igloo using Styrofoam as a base and use the peanuts for the walls. Jake thought it was fun to "build" a house. We used some glue to help build, Jake loves any excuse to use glue.
The peanuts are S shaped, I pointed it out to Jake then showed him how they fit together. He put glue down and placed the piece on top. We did one row around 3 sides before going on to the second row. I just had him do three rows as to have him not lose interest. He really enjoyed "building" a house and we have a TON more so we can build more another time. 
Jake had to go get his construction hat after we started. Safety first! :)
I just folded a piece of paper in half for the roof. Jacob quickly stuck is fireman inside and began playing with his igloo!
This was a very basic activity. With an older child it could easily be extended. Regardless it is a fun way to practice motor skills, learn something new, recycle some unwanted items and mostly have a fun PLAY!

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