Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Learning Colors

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Every month I try to include a new color activity in our Structured Play time. Colors are probably the item that gives him the most trouble, or at least give me the most trouble! He doesn't seem to be able to say his colors after over a year of practice! Sometimes he will get them with no problem and other times get can't get them right to save his life! I was actually starting to worry that he was color blind!
I found these cute little colored organizers in the $1 section of target. I loved them and got some inspiration. (I picked up one of each color I could find. No luck on green, boo!) I then printed these color cards from Home School Creations. This website has a plethora of resources. Set aside some time if you are going to check it out because you will be sucked in! :)
I placed the cards face up, mixed up on the floor. The pictures are fun I knew Jake would find them interesting. I asked Jake if he wanted to sort the cards into the bins but he said no, so I started and he quickly took over. His first card, a construction hard hat! No surprise there!
I observed him carefully and he didn't seem to have any trouble sorting the cards except with the blues and purples. I will continue to observe him closely with this activity this month. I will also continue to say the color each time he places it in the bin in hopes that he will pick up on my modeling and take over. And that repetition will help him memorize the color words. 
He put each of the cards away and then grabbed the yellow bin to carry around. I plan to take from his lead and have him carry the bins around to pick up items around the room that match the color of the bin. I couldn't do this with him today because there are not items around the room for each color. I will pull some things together for this activity to take it to the next level!


  1. Such a good idea... we're working right now with colors too. Keep at it... he'll learn his colors in no time :)


  2. Great idea! Sorting is so fun for some kids. :)

  3. Love this idea! I just wanted to let you know that I included your color sorting on my blog. Thanks for the post!

    Amy Senter


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