Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Showcase: Teach Mama

My hard drive was blown on my computer but now we are up and running! 

On another note, I wanted to get back to my Sunday Showcase. This week Teach Mama had a very important post that I wanted to share!

Teach Mama is a great website that I subscribe to through my Google Reader. She always has great posts and inspiring ideas! She is a Reading Specialist and former High School English teacher. Her love of reading and teaching drive the site. The site is packed full, you should certainly take time to investigate it thoroughly!

The post I wanted to share, in particular, has very important information for parents. As a teacher, I always spent time sharing this same information with my students' parents. The post entitled, 

learning during read-alouds: 5 things never to say to emerging readers

is something that should be shared with parents and caregivers the world through! I taught a Literacy Night every year teaching these same 5 things never to say to readers. No parent says them to hurt their child, but rather to help. They just do not know that what they are saying and doing is not helping at all. 
One way I explained this to parents, was to tell them that their job was to facilitate reading and not teach reading. Their job was to help their children love books and reading. We all know that we do not learn a new skill under duress, the same can be said for reading. We need to make it fun, exciting, a source of entertainment as well as informative. Check out this posts as well as her other informative posts! 

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