Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shapes Practice

To practice shapes I sewed this little concentration game. It has a basic shape on one side and a blue print on the other. Its meaning is to play memory or concentration. We are not ready for the game yet but I still think we can use the pieces. 
I started by laying out the shape cards Jake is most familiar with, upside down. I told him there was a circle on a card and that he needed to find the circle. He flipped the cards over until he found a circle. I flipped the cards back over. I told him there was another circle and asked him to find it. He did not remember which onces he had flipped over but continued to look under all of the cards.
Once he found a match I put the pair together showing him that they were the same and matched. We did this a couple times through all the cards. 
He liked putting the two cards that matched together. We worked on vocabulary; saying the name of the shapes and asking questions; where is the star? We will continue playing/practicing shapes using this game and will eventually get to concentration. 

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