Monday, June 13, 2011

Fine Motor Skills- Beading

Jacob has pretty strong large motor skills, that has always been a strength. Fine motor skills are another story. He tends to shy away from anything that involves using fine motor skills (Puzzles being an obvious example), but as he is growing he is slowing down and taking time to practice these skills.
We were beading as a fun practice. He loves these large Melissa and Doug beads and the long string with plastic tips that come with them really help him accomplish this task. It is not just getting the string through the hole that we must practice it is also pulling the string through and that seems to be the new struggle. We are working on it and he is doing great! He will work for 5 minutes or so without getting up to move on to the next activity, I view that as a success!
He does like taking the beads off the string just as much if not more than putting them on! Total boy- it is all about Destruction!

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  1. Looks like fun. I've been thinking a lot about fine motor skills, especially for older children.


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